Build an online community

Let your website be the place for your members to ask questions, start discussions, and share knowledge.

Exclusive, easy access

When your members sign up online they automatically get direct access to the forum and a summary of the latest discussions on their dashboard.

Start discussions

Define the categories in which your members can post to keep things organised. Sit back and watch or join in with the discussions.

Enrich your content

Bring an extra dimension to your news articles and resources by enabling members to leave comments. You can gain useful feedback and bring new life to your content.

Keep it clean

Non-members and those with expired subscriptions are automatically denied access. As an administrator, you get extra tools to edit and delete as you see fit.

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Guides and resources

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Building an online community is crucial for keeping your members engaged. It provides a dedicated space for members to ask questions, share knowledge, and participate in discussions, creating a vibrant and connected community.

White Fuse makes it simple for members to access the forum. Upon signing up online, they automatically get direct access to the forum and a quick overview of the latest discussions right on their dashboard.

Yes! White Fuse’s forum structure is flexible. You can create categories to suit various discussion topics, making it adaptable to the diverse interests of your community, making everyone feel valued.

Allowing comments on news articles and resources via the forum encourages member interaction. By gathering valuable feedback, this provides you with the tools you need  for effective moderation.