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Are you looking to build a support community around a local place or project? Do you depend on valuable volunteer time? Use White Fuse to communicate more effectively about your work and save time by automating manual processes.

Key features for preservation trust membership software


Easily add updates and information to communicate the benefit of your work.


Make it easy for people to donate or become a friend or member.


Keep in touch with your supporters and volunteers with simple group email tools.

Customer success

Swanage Pier Trust grew its membership by 64% in the first year after switching to White Fuse and now regularly averages around 40 new members each month thanks to easy online joining and payment.

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Preservation Trust Membership Software is a specialised tool designed for trusts that helps manage memberships, automate renewals, plan events, and communicate effectively. Tailored specifically for organisations dedicated to preserving heritage, community or the environment, the software streamlines administrative tasks, allowing trusts to focus on their mission of safeguarding cultural, historical, or natural heritage.

Preservation trusts often have diverse membership structures, including individual donors, corporate partners, and volunteers. Managing and organising these memberships manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Preservation Trust Membership Software streamlines the membership management process. It allows you to efficiently track, categorise, and communicate with different types of members, making the whole process much easier.

Generic communication tools may not cater to the specific needs of preservation trusts, making it challenging to effectively communicate preservation projects, updates, and the overall mission. Our software enhances communication by allowing your trust to send bulk emails tailored to your preservation initiatives. This makes sure that your community stays informed and engaged, 24/7.

Absolutely! The software offers detailed reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into the impact of your preservation projects. This helps your trust measure success, make data-driven decisions, and communicate the tangible results of community support.

Our software includes features for engaging members in preservation activities. From personalised communication about upcoming events to providing exclusive updates on ongoing projects, it helps to create a sense of involvement and connection among members with your preservation mission.

Yes, data security is a priority. Our Preservation Trust Membership Software ensures compliance with data protection regulations, safeguarding sensitive information related to preservation projects, members, and volunteers.