End-to-end event management

Publish your event, sell tickets, send email updates and manage attendees – all within your membership website.

Online booking and payment

Capture attendee contact details and preferences online and offer a range of instant payment options.

Automate event notifications

Customise confirmation emails for event bookings and orders so your attendees have everything they need right away.

Schedule updates

Send email broadcasts to the attendees of a specific event with updated information or a resource pack after the event itself.

Manage attendance

All attendee information is automatically saved to your central CRM. You can record attendance and see a historical record of each person’s event engagement.

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Guides and resources

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Managing events within your membership website streamlines the entire process. It allows you to publish events, sell tickets, send updates, and manage attendees all in one place.

Automating event notifications ensures attendees have everything they need right away. Customised confirmation emails for event bookings and orders provide instant information, making sure attendees feel well-communicated with and valued.

Absolutely! The online booking system allows attendees to provide their contact details and preferences effortlessly. This ensures that organisers have the necessary information to personalise the event experience to their attendees.

The online booking system is designed for ease of use. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features make the attendee experience seamless. From providing contact details to selecting payment options, attendees can navigate the system effortlessly for a stress-free registration process that gives a great first impression.