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Build the web presence you need

Deep integration with the contact database provides the perfect online member experience.

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Build a members portal...

Use White Fuse to complement your existing website and create a portal just for your members packed with special content and resources.

...Or build a full website

Add some public-facing pages, a news feed and any embedded content you need to turn your portal into your main organisational website.

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Make it your own

Drop in your logo, choose your colours and customise the rest of the theme to suit your brand in a matter of seconds. No coding required.

Customise your forms

Create forms for enquiries, applications, referrals or anything where you need contact data channelled directly to your CRM.

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Offer exclusive content

Move your membership benefits online with dedicated sections for events, resources, member content, and a forum – right out of the box.

Ready to give it a try?

Get started today with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Guides and resources

Explore our free best practice resources for membership associations.



White Fuse’s web presence connects directly with your contact data for a personalised member experience, going beyond a regular website to create an engaging community space.

Creating a members portal is valuable because it provides an exclusive online space for your community. Members can access special content and resources, fostering engagement and a sense of unity. It’s like a central hub for efficient communication and interaction within your community.

You can create dedicated sections for events, resources, member content, and even set up a forum—all readily available and customisable to suit your organisation’s style and preferences.

White Fuse is flexible! You can embed various content types like videos or documents, creating a dynamic and engaging online presence.

By providing exclusive benefits and a sense of community, a members portal significantly contributes to member satisfaction and retention. Members feel connected, valued, and are more likely to continue their engagement with your organisation.