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Managing members and partners alongside other nonprofit activities can be difficult and quickly leads to a jumble of different systems and spreadsheets. Use White Fuse to consolidate data, automate processes and save time.

Key features for nonprofit membership software


Let supporters donate without leaving your website. Automate thank you's and collect gift aid.


Create fundraising pages for appeals, events or sponsorship and see the breakdown in your reports.


Effortlessly send bulk emails to donors, event attendees, members and volunteers.

Customer success

Working to end domestic abuse, Respect provides 20 different membership tiers to organisations in the field.

Over 80 dedicated member resources, events, newsletters job adverts, and specialist training courses are now delivered via their membership website.

Members are well served and highly engaged and countless hours of admin have been saved.

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Nonprofit Membership Software is a specialised tool designed to assist nonprofits and charities in building and managing their membership communities. It includes tailored features to meet the unique needs of those focused on social change and community building.

Think of it as your membership community manager. This software simplifies the often complex task of managing members, making communication smoother, and providing insights to help your community grow and make a lasting impact.

The donation feature allows supporters to contribute directly on your website. It streamlines the process, making donors more likely to want to get involved. Additionally, the software automates thank-you messages and facilitates the collection of gift aid.

Yes, customisation is key! The Campaigns feature allows your nonprofit to tailor fundraising pages to match the theme or purpose of specific campaigns or events. This makes sure that your approach is targeted to your customers so that your supporters stay engaged with your cause.

Absolutely. Automation is a key aspect. The software allows your nonprofit to set up automated responses and acknowledgments for various actions, such as donations. This not only ensures timely and personalised communication but also frees up your team’s time for more impactful tasks.

Yes! The software gives you a breakdown of your reports, allowing your nonprofit to track and analyse donation trends over time. This feature provides valuable insights into your fundraising efforts and helps shape future campaigns.