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Is your union struggling with a jumble of different spreadsheets and systems? Are you feeling short of time and struggling to focus on your members? Use White Fuse to consolidate data, automate processes and save time.

Key features of our union membership software


Take payments online via Card or Direct Debit and automate renewals to eliminate admin hassle.


Provide a safe private online space for members to ask questions, start discussions and feel connected.


Effortlessly send bulk emails to all your members, event attendees, or any other custom segment of your contacts.

Customer success

The Criminal Justice Workers Union created a new member portal with White Fuse.

Since launching the portal they have acquired over 1,600 members paying monthly by Direct Debit.

They are still growing at an average rate of 80 new subscriptions every month.

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Union Membership Software is a specialised digital solution designed exclusively for unions. It serves as a comprehensive platform to streamline union operations, specifically focusing on efficient member management, communication, event planning, and reporting tailored to the unique needs of labour organisations.

The software acts as the backbone of your union’s operations. It simplifies complex member management tasks, automates renewal processes, facilitates event planning for union activities, and enhances communication, ensuring your union can focus on advocating for workers’ rights while keeping your members engaged and connected.

During critical events like labour strikes and advocacy campaigns, the software enhances communication by providing dedicated channels for updates, announcements, and real-time communication with union members. This makes sure that vital information reaches your members promptly and fosters solidarity during challenging times.

Yes, it can! Union Membership Software helps you stay organised by sending automatic reminders to members about upcoming events, deadlines, and important dates. This ensures that everyone is well-informed and actively participating in union activities.

Union Membership Software offers an intuitive interface. Members can log in to a user-friendly portal where they can access important information, documents, and updates effortlessly, saving you plenty of time that might otherwise be wasted with clunky interfaces.

The software enhances member relationships as it brings everyone together on one platform. This ensures that members receive timely updates, have easy access to information, and can actively participate in union activities, encouraging stronger and more connected relationships within your union community.