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Get familiar with your contacts

Collect all the information you need about your contacts in the central CRM. Use this data to learn about their needs and preferences and communicate effectively.

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Goodbye data entry

All your contacts are created automatically via engagement with your website. Every subsequent activity will update the contact record with new information

Query anything

Filter contacts based on built-in attributes or any custom field you create. Save the results as a live-updating segment to power directories, email broadcasts or reports.

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Host directories

Publish live-updating directories of contacts to your website. Dynamic logic determines who’s included and you decide which contact fields to display.

Import your Contacts

Import all your existing contacts, subscriptions and existing Direct Debit mandates for a seamless transition to White Fuse. You can also export your data at any time for deeper analysis.

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Storing contact data is key for personalised communication with your audience. Having accurate and up-to-date contact information ensures that your messages, whether through emails, newsletters, or other channels, reaches the intended recipients. Furthermore, knowing details about your contacts allows you to personalise these interactions. This enables you to build a stronger relationship with your audience, as it demonstrates a genuine understanding of their needs and preferences.

Storing contact data in a central CRM eliminates manual data entry, reducing errors, and ensuring consistent, up-to-date information for all team members. This streamlined approach makes day-to-day operations much more efficient as you can access contact data in an easy-to-access place.

Our contact data system ensures real-time updates by automatically capturing and recording every interaction or engagement with your audience. This means your contact records are current and are reflective of the latest interactions.

Absolutely! You can add notes and customise details about each contact, helping you keep track of specific information or interactions for a more personalised approach.

We take data privacy seriously. Your contact data is securely stored and protected, and access controls allow you to manage who within your organisation can view or modify contact information.