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Is your club struggling with a jumble of different spreadsheets and systems? Are you feeling short of time and neglecting your members? Use White Fuse to consolidate data, automate processes and save time.

Key features for club membership software


Create individual, joint or junior plans that auto-renew monthly or yearly by Card or Direct Debit.


The ultimate member portal for timetables, events, bookings, and a discussion forum.


Email different groups of members, coaches and patrons based on their preferences and interests.

Customer success

The Watlington Club offers 25 individual, joint, and junior membership plans for sports like tennis, squash, and bowls.

Since switching to White Fuse they have averaged 50 new online subscriptions each month.

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Club Membership Software is designed to simplify the management of your membership base. It enables you to efficiently handle member data, organise events, facilitate communication, and track the growth and engagement of the club community.

Club Membership Software serves as the backbone of your club’s operations, simplifying day-to-day tasks. It enables effective member management, automates membership renewals, provides event planning features, facilitates seamless communication, and offers detailed reporting. Essentially, it helps your club to thrive and grow!

Our software can be tailored to you, whatever your club is. Whether your club is focused on sports, social activities, hobbies, or any other interest, Club Membership Software is designed to be versatile. It can adapt to the specific needs and structures of various types of clubs, making it a great solution for a wide range of organisations.

Club Membership Software simplifies event planning by providing tools to create dedicated event pages, manage registrations, and track attendance. This ensures that organising successful and well-attended club events becomes a straightforward and efficient process.

Communication is made easy with the software. It allows you to send bulk emails to members, keeping everyone informed about club news, events, and updates. This ensures that your club community always stays engaged, connected, and well-informed.

Flexibility is built-in! Our software enables your club to set up and manage different membership tiers, each with its own set of benefits and associated costs. This makes sure that your club can accommodate various levels of engagement and cater to the diverse needs of your members, based on their preferences and interests.