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Membership Marketing

An effective strategy for marketing your membership organisation will help you grow. This post will help you to develop a membership marketing strategy for your situation. For a more detailed explnation, please read this article.


The foundations of a good strategy

A concise strategy document should be reviewed regularly to stay focused on effective marketing activities. Understand your audience through user profiling, and create member personas, evaluate marketing through a pipeline framework with metrics for each stage. Set simple goals - such as; net monthly new members and general stats to track progress and focus on both attracting new members and retaining existing ones.


Attracting prospective members

Attract members through high-quality content and outreach. Produce valuable sector news, unique resources, job boards, and engaging emails or newsletters as wekk as host free events, webinars, and podcasts. Focus on enjoyable channels and develop a multi-channel strategy. Conduct outreach via social media and targeted online ads with action-based goals to measure effectiveness.


Converting new members

Guide potential members from first contact to sign-up by offering event discounts, streamlining the joining process, and utilizing testimonials. Ensure the sign-up process is mobile-optimized, offers suitable payment methods, and avoids unnecessary steps. Use social proof by gathering quality reviews from engaged members and prominently displaying them with photos on your website, you can do this through google reviews or your own system.


Retaining existing members 

Retain members by delivering indispensable benefits, such as directories, online communities, and mentoring. Offer restricted, high-quality content and a member newsletter to remind them of their value. Be sure to provide exceptional customer service, optimize the renewal process with automated payments, and monitor engagement to prevent churn. Reiterate benefits in renewal communications to maintain appreciation and retention.

To create a membership marketing strategy, define your audience, devise a marketing pipeline with key metrics and goals, plan tactics for attracting members, optimize your sign-up process, and ensure your membership software includes auto-renewal. Regularly review your strategy, assess goal achievement, and make measurable incremental changes.

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