Staff holiday & leave planner - free excel template

Holiday planner: free Excel template

This post shares the simple approach we created for managing staff leave including holiday, sickness and other absence from work. As a social enterprise, we are committed to transparency and do everything we can to share resources with the wider community.  

There are various apps and online systems that can help businesses track and plan the holiday. We found that for small companies, social enterprises and charities they tend to be overblown and some of them still struggle where there are anomalies like part-time workers.

Dealing with public holidays (‘bank holidays’ in the UK) for part-time workers is a particularly thorny issue, especially if they don’t work regular days. This template deals with all of those situations. 

This free staff holiday planner tracking template includes the following functionality:

  • Define your own values for the standard amount of leave
  • Choose your policy on rolling over holiday allowance at the end of the year
  • Scale for multiple employees by duplicating the employee sheet
  • Includes conditional formatting to allow you to spot issues at a glance

Download the template

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10 April 2018
Andy Pearson