Making the most of Small Charity Week, 17th-22nd June 2019

Small Charity Week

This post explores how small charities can get the most out of Small Charity Week with some practical tips on how to prepare and take part.

What is Small Charity Week?

When is it?  17th-22nd June 2019
Who runs it? The FSI (Foundation for Social Improvement), one of the leading organisations supporting small charities in the UK. 
Why is it run?

Small Charity Week is run for charities to:

  • celebrate their contribution
  • provide resources
  • encourage public giving
  • strengthen political engagement 
How long has it been running? Since 2010
What is the focus of each day? Monday - raising profile
Tuesday - advice
Wednesday - policy
Thursday - fundraising
Friday - highlighting impact
Saturday - celebration
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Opportunities for small charities

We’ll now explore what you can do to make the most of it.

Engage your community

A big part of the week is about celebration so consider emailing your community of supporters to tell them it is Small Charity Week and encourage them to celebrate with you. Depending on your audience you may want to also tie this communication in with one of the days, like policy (encouraging an advocacy action) or fundraising (promoting an appeal). 

Get press 

This can be a good opportunity to be featured in the local press. Bear in mind that the local press often works reactively so even if the week has started when you read this you may not be too late. 

Here are some tips when engaging with the press:

  • Focus on one key message (more on that in our communications guide).
  • Hook into a local issue of current interest.
  • Give journalist helpful resources like photos and soundbites.
  • Try to get a personal introduction to a journalist. 

Get advice

As well as the ‘Big Advice Day’ clinic in London run by The FSI, this week is also a great opportunity for you to proactively approach local organisations whose help would be useful. 

  • Define problem areas where expert input will go along way.
    (Examples are legal issues, policy documents or IT infrastructure)
  • Create a list of target organisations. 
  • Approach each organisation explaining Small Charity Week and why their input would make a difference to your charity. 
  • Be specific about what you are requesting. 

Get more input and resources

The week is about strengthening the small charity sector as a whole. There are some great charities and social enterprises who see their mission as equipping small charities. If you aren’t currently drawing on this support then consider getting involved (they are all free):

15 June 2018
Andy Pearson