6 fundraising widgets to improve your charity website

6 Free Widgets

Improving digital presence should be top priority for charities and non-profit’s fundraising online.

Many popular web services offer fundraising widgets to integrate with your charity website, so you can engage visitors without having to build custom functionality yourself.

Your website can act as a hub for all the content even if much of it (such as events or fundraising campaigns) is hosted on third party sites.

In this post we take a closer look at the best widgets to integrate with your charity website to help streamline your online presence and improve your fundraising prospects.
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1. JustGiving


Raising funds is often a charities’ top priority when it comes to integrating widgets on their website.

One of the more popular fundraising platforms, JustGiving, has a tool that lets you link your Page directly to your website or blog to help you reach more people and raise more money

JustGiving has a custom widget builder with four pre-made styles. These will help you get started in smoother donation collection, including:

Fundraising Page widget

Charity Events widget

Charity Fundraiser Leaderboard widget

Crowdfunding Page widget

Adding a Donate Box widget

You can read through a longer guide in the JustGiving community forum and how to use these widgets to raise more money here.

2. Eventbrite


If you’re selling tickets to a fundraising event (either online or offline), Eventbrite is a great tool to use. It also integrates nicely with Donorfy’s donor management software.

Eventbrite makes event promotion easy with customisable widgets in several formats including event countdown display, buttons and embeddable ticket forms.

This guide will walk you through embedding an Eventbrite widget on the appropriate campaign page.

There are a few caveats though: Your website must support iframes in order to embed these widgets. The White Fuse Platform supports iframes, so you’re well looked after here.

3. Mailchimp




Everyone’s favourite monkey has a great range of options for collecting more email signups.

If you’re using MailChimp to collect potential donor emails and manage your email marketing, there are ways to optimise the collection of this data.

MailChimp has general guides to embedding a general signup form, as well a creating and implementing widgets to collect emails to specific mailing lists, so that you can separate general supporters from higher value donors or specific campaigns.

These widgets and sign-up forms should be placed in an obvious spot with a strong call-to-action for visiting users.

Email is still king when it comes direct communication with potential donors.


4. Twitter and Facebook


There are several ways to introduce more Twitter and Facebook integration to improve fundraising.

Obvious social media sharing widgets integrated onto the right parts of a charity website can prompt the reader to share the campaign page or talk about the cause - you’re just making it easier for them to do so.

Some of the top ways to do this are:

Twitter sharing widget (to prompt sharing and increased visibility of campaign or content)

Timeline widget (to display an ongoing hashtag or Twitter campaign)

General Social Media Sharing Buttons plugin (for WordPress websites)

AddThis (to target the social channels your viewers are logged in to)

Embed one of these widgets and instantly increase your charity’s social presence.

5. Youtube


YouTube celebrities (called ‘YouTubers’) often fundraise around specific cause of interest to them. By building relationships or content with these recognisable YouTubers, you also get to fundraise directly with their audience - sometimes to the tune of $500,000 US dollars.

Good video content also increases emotional impact therefore improving the chances of virality - just take a look at these successful fundraising video campaigns for inspiration, or this guide to effective fundraising with video.

If video content is a key part of your fundraising communications strategy, there are some great tricks to integrate your YouTube content on your website, including:

Adding a YouTube channel subscribe button

Embed YouTube video playlists

Any views of videos through embeds on your site count towards the total view tally, so you’re number’s will increase the more places you embed your campaign videos.  

YouTube Analytics will also tell you which sources are getting you the most views, whether that’s on YouTube or your own site. Excellent!

6. Slideshare and Google Slides


Fundraising for major causes often involves educating your audience about the facts and figures for maximum impact. Consider packaging up your insights and analytics and creating shareable presentations to distribute to partner organisations.

Popular tools to present data presentations include Slideshare and Google Slides - these are both easily embeddable using widgets:

Slideshare widget for WordPress

Embedding Google Slides

Other fundraising widget ideas

Fundraising thermometer: this is a simple concept for your supporters to relate to. Get them involved in hotting up your fundraising activities!

Progress bar: having a clear target can help to motivate your supporters.

Predetermined donation options: this approach is widely used by larger charities and can help your donors to immediately understand the impact of their gift. 

2 June 2016
Andy Pearson