Free charity website hosting - 10 best UK options

Free charity website hosting - 10 best UK options

Once you have a website for your charity, you may need somewhere to host it. If you are looking for charity website hosting and your charity is registered in the UK then there are a number of options to explore that are totally free.

This post lists our top 10 picks from the many companies in the UK offering charity web hosting free to charities.

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Things to consider when getting a free charity hosting plan

Plan limits All providers have limits to the plans they offer. Check that these allow some room to grow. 
Security You will still be responsible for the security of your website so you’ll need someone who is installing new updates and checking the configuration is secure. 
Speed Hosting plan limits make it hard to compare the most important factor: speed of the server. This is what dictates how quickly charity websites will respond when lots of people are attempting to access them. Monthly cost is often a proxy for speed so look at the equivalent monthly cost of the free plan.

Summary of our top free hosting providers

Here's a summary of the top free UK hosting providers and what they offer. Download the comparison table above to see more details on the limitations of each free offering including things like storage, bandwidth, email, support and SSL.


Kualo is our top pick because it offers a great deal that’s free forever, for unlimited sites, based in the UK and is powered by renewable energy. 

TSO Host

This is our second pick because we’ve used this company for many years and can vouch for their reliability. They have great 24/7 support but you should note that the free plan is limited to one year.


Ecohosting provides carbon neutral web hosting based entirely in the UK powered by renewable energy. These will be important considerations for many charities.

They provide free accounts for life to registered charities and only ask that you display a small banner linking back to Ecohosting.


LCN don’t disclose the limitations on their free offer on their website. We emailed them and found out that it’s their business hosting package that they offer free to charities.

They claim to have offered free hosting to over 500 charities and they offer it for life. 

If you are not a registered charity but you are a not for profit organisation then you aren’t eligible for free hosting but you can get a 50% discount. 


They offer a free entry-level hosting package to registered UK charities that is worth £10 per month. They also offer dedicated Wordpress hosting for free if that’s what you need.


Vidahost are a mainstream and well-established company offering 24/7 support as standard and a free-forever option for charities. The limitations are quite strict though so it’s quite likely their model is to upgrade you to a paid plan at some point.


Provides a free fully featured business hosting account to UK registered charities. They don’t state explicitly that the offer is free forever but we assume it is.


In comparison with the other options on this page, this is one to evaluate carefully since they only provide a free account for 30 days after which time it is 50% off. It may still be a good deal but doesn’t seem so attractive on the face of it. 

Stone Hosting

Stone Hosting is a UK-based provider with no long-term contracts. They offer 24/7 support and ask you to display small banner linking back to Stone Hosting.

ALG Websites

ALG is a smaller company based in Croydon, Surrey, that offers free hosting to any registered UK charities whether or not you make use of their other services.


Download the comparison table

We have created a comparison table for you to easily see the differences between these free hosting options. Enter your email and we will email it to you.

5 March 2018
Owen Roseblade