Find a free donate icon that works for your charity

Free donate icon

For most charity websites, one of the most important calls to action is to donate. If you’re designing a charity website you may want to make this action recognisable, obvious and appealing by using a donate icon.

Illustrating parts of the donate journey with photos, testimonials or graphics can be a good way to help it stand out. There are also lots of different ways to donate with nuanced characteristics. Simple icons of donations tins aren’t always appropriate.

This set of donation icons can help you to illustrate different donation journey’s and processes as you design your website or offline collateral.

These icons may give you some ideas or inspiration. If you want you can use these icons on your website, either as they are or adapted as you see fit.  

If you download the original vector file (Adobe Illustrator or EPS) you can edit these icons to suit your prefered colour scheme and style. It’s easy to make the icons square, circular, outlined, filled or unbounded.

Download the icon set

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7 June 2018
Owen Roseblade