Campaign examples & ideas to promote your charity


Running a good charity campaign take creativity. This post provides practical ideas and inspiration for your next charity campaign. Get more funders and build a more effective campaign today!

Eye catching headlines

We all know that these days people are bombarded with messages. It’s always difficult for charity campaign messages to stand out. Here One piled on the irony to make their mark:

scandal - millions more children get homework

Social media tools

There are loads of great tools out there and loads of other great posts, exploring useful applications. However, a recent one that caught my eye is Thunderclap, which integrates with Twitter or Facebook to allow you to schedule a post in support of your cause to coincide with a key campaign moment. Very cool.



This one is often the preserve of larger charities. Wheeling out the celebs can often add real momentum to a campaign. Here’s a more subtle example of UNICEF using Colin Jackson, one of their ambassadors, to provide their half marathon fundraisers with a bit of motivation and a valuable tool to support individual fundraising.

colin jackson unicef

Art and crafts

The Fairtrade Foundation teamed up with Mint Digital who do foldable printing to pull a visually engaging stunt in support of their petition on small holder farmers.

In a similar vein, the IF campaign are using the mini budget box to rally thousands of activists to lobby their MPs over the upcoming budget.




You can’t beat a good infographic for share-ability!


Memes are by nature pretty pointless but pretty fun. While getting a serious message over will require a broader range of tools memes can be a great way to edge out to a wider audience and do very low level influencing.  Check out this one:

Poster advertising

Last but not least, the good old poster advert. Print advertising still has a place, as this focused ad in the Financial Times by Oxfam demonstrates well:

If you spot any similar interesting examples then let us know!

28 March 2013