Alternatives to BT MyDonate for donations and fundraising

Alternatives to BT My Donate

On 21 January 2019 BT announced they were shutting down BT MyDonate on 30 June 2019. At that point over 12,000 UK charities were signed up to use the platform to process donation and manage fundraising events. If that includes your charity then we hope this post will help you explore some of the alternatives. 

The main reason many charities chose the BT platform was due to its low fees. Fees are a crucial consideration but not the only one. In exploring the various options, this post keeps in mind the following considerations:

  • Fees
  • Branding and user experience
  • Integration with other systems
  • Managing the ongoing donor relationship

Like-for-like alternatives to BT MyDonate

If you currently use BT MyDonate the simplest approach is to find a similar standalone platform to which you can point people who wish to donate or raise money for you. However, these options tend to prioritise their own branding and keep control of the supporter data. For this reason we will also discuss alternatives, including using the White Fuse platform to manage donations. 

Standalone platforms like BT MyDonate take the donor away from your website and deal with the entire transaction on their own website. They keep the donor's data and only pass this to you if the donor actively consents to this. Nonetheless, they will be the simplest option for many small charities. 

To find a straight replacement read our full breakdown of the different standalone charity donation websites

Alternatives to a stand-alone donation platform

1. Fundraising database integration

As charities grow they start using a central database that holds information about all of their supporters. This makes it easier to communicate with supporters and track the progress of the charity's fundraising strategy

Most fundraising databases offer donation tools that can replace some or all of the functions offered by stand-alone fundraising websites like BT MyDonate. The advantage of using these built-in CRM tools is that all the data from the supporter goes directly into your fundraising database. There are many fundraising databases and CRMs that offer fundraising tools so if you are moving on from BT MyDonate it could be a good option to give some of them a try.  

2. Specialist donation tools that prioritise the charity brand

Other larger charities choose not to use the donation tools in their fundraising database and instead adopt a specialise donation platform that can be customised to capture their brand in a way that many of the CRM tools can't. By focusing entirely on the donors experience, these platforms can improve the donor experience and some charities opt for this even though they can't integrate the supporter data back into their central database that easily. Here are some of the leading examples:

23 January 2019
Andy Pearson