7 Twitter tips for charities - how to write better tweets

Twitter better tweets

Could your tweets be better? More engaging? More discoverable? More retweetable? Here are 7 simple tips to keep on hand when writing a better tweet. Plus we've created an easy infographic to keep and share!

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1 Use #Hashtags

Use-HashtagsMaybe this is a pretty obvious one to start with but I do see a lot of people twittering away without them. Hashtags are how you identify your content as relevant to a certain field or group of people, it’s one way that new followers will find you and it is a way for your message can be found in the throng. Of course #overuse of #hashtags is #also a #badidea as it makes your #tweet #unreadable. You can get away with two or three though I think, add them either in context or at the beginning or end of your tweet.

2 Add your thoughts

Add-your-thoughtsDon’t just retweet things willy nilly - it is almost always a good idea to add your tuppenny-worth to other peoples tweets that you have found to be worth sharing. It only takes an extra minute and lets your followers know why you are sharing the message or endorsing the link. 

3 Credit the source

Credit-SourceAlways remember to credit your source - this can only strengthen your network as your peers will know you are sharing their content/ talking about them/ endorsing or supporting what they are saying. Also you won’t really gain anything by appearing to have broken the news.

4 Take more photos and upload more images

Upload-more-imagesEveryone likes pictures and aside from the thousand word cliche they break up the constant stream of text - especially when viewed from some of the more advanced twitter apps and clients, which are becoming more and more widespread.

5 Identify your audience

Identify-your-AudienceIt’s important to let the people you are talking to know that you are talking to them. Remember your message is surrounded by hundreds of others, whether your follower (or potential follower) is looking at their feed, your timeline or a search you want your tweet to stand out to the people it is intended to reach.

6 Write your own tweet

Write-your-tweetsLots of services and apps will hook into your Twitter account and auto publish a tweet for you. For example you publish a new post on your blog and this is automatically tweeted usually in the format [title] [link]. You will always come up with a better tweet if you take a minute to write that yourself, maybe add a hashtag in your title or identify a specific group of followers this particular post is intended for.

7 Know when to be an organisation and when to be a person

Be-humanDon’t just go using your charity’s twitter account for bland and faceless link pushing or broadcasting charity news or donation requests, that’s not really what the medium is for and you won’t be using it to its full potential. Above all else Twitter is a networking tool and is best used to have conversations ~ engage in conversation with your donors, volunteers, fundraisers, stakeholders and peers.

Share the infographic

To easily send these tips with others just share this infographic on your favourite social media platform, Twitter right!?


20 January 2016