5 alternatives to Just Giving for event fundraising

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In the UK, Just Giving is the biggest and most popular event fundraising platform. Some people wonder 'is Just Giving a charity?'. The answer is no: Just Giving is a large profit making business that was recently sold to Blackbaud, a large US company, for £95 million. In this post, we look at 5 good alternatives to Just Giving that will help you improve your event-based fundraising.

Just Giving charges 5% commission on the total donation (that’s 5% of the donation and 5% of the gift aid amount too). They also charge a payment processing fee of between 1.25% and 1.45%Just Giving reviews are far from glowing. This has led many UK charities to look for an alternative to Just Giving. This post will help you explore alternatives. 

Event fundraising

This post focuses on event-based fundraising. For online donations, there are now various good options for processing donations directly on your website. Some of these options have low transaction fees and avoid the drop-out normally associated with pushing people from your website to a third party platform where your brand is not centre stage.

But event sponsorship is a different requirement and if you or your supporters are hosting sponsored fundraising events, you need a way raise awareness and manage the donations. The most established way to do this online is to use a fundraising platform where supporters can create fundraising pages to collect sponsorship on your behalf.

This is the world that Just Giving dominates but there are lots of other options. Whether your supporters are running marathons, climbing Kilimanjaro or organising a knit-a-thon there should be a low-commission option for you on this list. 

By encouraging your supporters to use one of these platforms, more money will go directly to your charity. 


As an alternative to Just Giving, this platform wins on low fees (no fees in fact!) but its feature set leaves a bit to be desired. As the newest option on this list, the brand of the donation platform is less familiar to most but that may change over time. 

  • No setup fee
  • No commission or payment processing fee
  • No recurring donations or gift aid processing

Virgin Money Giving

A more polished interface but not that much cheaper than Just Giving. Virgin Money Giving fees are also quite high. Virgin Money has good brand awareness, so it should go down well with your supporters and some may have used it previously. 

  • £150 set up fee
  • 2% commission
  • 1-2% payment processing fee

Golden Giving

Another very competitive option on fees, and an attractively simple interface. Not many people raising money for you will have an account with Golden Giving or have heard about it so you may need to reassure them if you want them to use this option. 

  • No setup fee
  • No commission
  • 1-2% payment processing fee


Raisely is a really interesting alternative option to JustGiving. The main difference is the ability to heavily brand your pages and the high-quality designs. Fees are also very attractive as the system plugs in directly to your own Stripe account. 

  • No setup fee
  • Optional commission
  • 1-2% payment processing fee

Local Giving

The distinctive element of Local Giving is its focus on small local charities. Fees aren’t much cheaper than JustGiving but you get additional support through the year and access to some matched funding campaigns. 

  • £96 yearly fee
  • 5% commission
  • 1-2% payment processing fee

Compare these platforms

To work out exactly which platform is best for you, we have made a spreadsheet calculator. Simply enter the amount of money you expect your event to raise and the spreadsheet will calculate the net return you would get from each of these platforms. It's an easy way to work out which one is most affordable.

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18 December 2017
Andy Pearson